The Rabbit Tales



Harley Quinn #7, written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, art by Chad Hardin, colors by Alex Sinclair & Paul Mounts

I love them so much

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Wahoo! I finally finished it! After a week of tears… Happy shiny galaxy frolicking mahou shoujo where nothing ever bad happens and the sparkles rain down like sunshine yaaaaaay

I’m taking pre-orders for the sparkly mahou shoujo mug! Drinking my tea and coffee out of a happy galaxy is just what I need after I wake up~ 
So I thought… you could too… haha

Head over to my Storenvy and take a look!

If you are going to Anime Banzai in a couple weeks, you can pick one up at my artist table there as well! I will only have two mugs so be sure to grab it quick :P


…so….I might steal one >.>

I take that to mean I should set one aside for you… ;D

Only if it doesn’t sell.

Discord Hoodie

Currently available in my etsy shop

Decoden Vegan chapstick. Something new to try out.

Queen Chrysalis Hoodie

Soon to be available in my etsy

King Sombra Hoodie

Soon to be for presale on my etsy

New frosting earrings

New frosting earrings

Been spending a lot of my crafting time in “prep mode.” Building up cabochons and making cute earrings.

Color changing Hair clips. The accent thread is UV sensitive so the color goes from white to rich pending how much sun hits it


New Patch for the Kill La Kill fans.
Available on my Etsy


New Patch for the Kill La Kill fans.

Available on my Etsy